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Clubbing on a Sunday, an original timeslot, an iconic location in the capital, an invested crowd, a community, and discoveries as personal as musical.

Here are the promises ON has kept for 9 years.

ON isn't only a club night, but represents spiritual values and an original atmosphere in a magnetic location. 

This is something you quickly notice when you enter this desecrated church. 

One sunday a month, the ON can be experienced as a parentheses, where time is suspended and in which all can approach their own way.

In addition to the immersive experience brought to us by our guest DJs, ON offers a night out with innovative sensations in a unique location.



ON invites you to come as you are.

*The essence of the concept relies on the genuineness and authenticity of it's crowd.

Accompanied or alone, we offer a place where you are free to be yourself.

If you come for love of music or simply to finish off your week in beauty…




When ON comes to mind, a taste of gin always follows.

Behind the bar dedicated to cocktails, our mixologist proposes his latest discoveries in taste. 

We're now giving you the recipe to a cocktail that will be sure to have you dive back into a part of our world.



Perfect Bulldog to make at home:

- 5cl Bulldog gin
- 15 cl Premium tonic water
- Garnish with Black berry or grapefruit
- Finish with Black pepper

On sunday Bulldog gin

COCKTAIL Signature



We can't help but notice that the connection made between ON's crowd and photography is very important.

We take pleasure in creating Sharingbox animations, different for each event.

However, we do have some criteria: they have to be fun and artistic.


From photo booths to short videos, we always end up bursting of laughter when trying to pose with our friends.

These are unforgettable memories that we receive via email the next day or printed physically on the spot.


ON x Sharingbox

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